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Creations di Carla is a small family owned and operated herbal business growing in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Here, we strive to ease the stress of life by creating top-quality herbal healing products that encourage a balanced lifestyle. Our product lines include natural aromatherapy bath oils, bath salts and massage oils.

We will begin by introducing Creations di Carla's essential oil products for bath, body, and mind which include our 100% natural bath oils, bath salts and massage oils. These products incorporate the benefits of Aromatherapy along with their skin-enhancing properties. Creations di Carla's bath oils, bath salts and message oils and all products are 100% pure, natural, are never tested on the animal population. Our products do not contain colors, synthetics or perfumes.

Utilizing essential oils, herbs, and the healing science of Aromatherapy, Creations di Carla strives to create products derived from nature which foster and nurture a happier, healthier and longer life. Our excellent prices, high quality standards and exclusive natural baby products enhance daily living while making for opulent gift giving opportunities.

Our creations are hand crafted on Clean and Green land where we are dedicated to the down-home country service that belonged to the days of yesteryear. Come home to Creations di Carla where creating natural products for a peaceful and healthy mind and body is always our mission.

To Health and Pleasure!

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